Friday, October 1, 2010

Food, Food, and More Food :-)

It has been a week full of fun foods.  It seems that my days revolve around what I am going to eat.  I think what kicked it off was my craving for red velvet cupcakes.  My good friend Sarah and I have gotten cupcakes the past two times we have had lunch, and I thought I would give my own red velvet cupcake recipe a try.  Let’s just say they turned out to be AWESOME!!  Thanks to Aunt Kari, Greg’s sister, who helped in making them turn out amazing.  This last week I have had one crazy sweet tooth.  I haven’t had one my whole pregnancy.  I would have rather had a whole pizza before I wanted any ice cream or cake.  I guess Lilly is making sure I make up for lost sweets before she can’t have cake until her first birthday.         
My next food conquest was brought on by loving the cooler weather.  I had to make Aunt Tina’s yummy tortilla soup recipe.  It was super tasty and made me feel like it was fall.  Greg and I even got up one morning and had some yummy hot chocolate before he had to go to work.  I sure love my hubby.  I can’t wait to have hot chocolate on the porch while holding our beautiful little girl Lilly.  
On Tuesday I had lunch with Sarah and Addy at the Rise Bakery.  It was actually quite good.  I had a Cajun Hamburger with Cajun Fries.  I might as well eat the spicy food, because that is on the list of things that can help you go into labor.  I am willing to try anything.  Although the food was good the company was better.  I can’t wait to have all four of us girls have a lunch date.  Addy needs to meet her new best friend Lilly. 

Well, I had my 38 week appointment this week and I am not dilated AT ALL, but the doctor says Lilly has her head really low.  I was excited to hear that, but it probably means nothing.  I am not counting on an early arrival for Lilly, but you never know.  Hopefully in my next blog entry I will have more exciting news to report on Lilly’s expected arrival.          

Friday, September 24, 2010

Almost Here!!

Greg and I are waiting anxiously for our little Monkey to arrive.  Lilly is due October 20th and it seems like that day will never come.  Of course just like any woman at 37 weeks is hoping their baby will come early.  Babies in my family always seem to be late, so I am not getting my hopes up.  

Lilly’s room is done and pinker than ever.  :-)  Let’s hope there are no surprises when she comes because I can see Greg calling his siblings to get over there and paint it blue.  I think we are safe with 3 sonograms confirming it is a girl, but you never know.  I like to freak my mom out by saying things like that because she really reacts great when you tell her. 

Greg and I had a great time getting her room together.   Today I went to Babies R’US to get the last few big Items for her room.  I can’t wait to set up her pack n’ play in my room and hook up our video monitor.  I am sure Greg is going to attempt to scare me with the monitor somehow, but maybe I will beat him to it.  :-)  I will let you know.